Wrapping Up

Hi leaguers,
Believe it or not we’re into the last full week of regular season bocce! Let’s first look at the current standings:

1 Team Tony (Danza) 7 points
2 Bi-occe 6 points
3 Chewbocce 5 points
4 That’s Bocce Said 5 points
5 Close to Spectacular 5 points
6 Dog Face Boys 5 points
7 Sandy Balls 4 points
8 Let Me See Your Bocce Roll 4 points
9 Schrodinger’s Balls 3 points
10 Castration Station 2 points
11 Joanie Loves Bocce 1 points
12 This American Bocce 0 points

Now of course this only reflects the games played (or reported) through August 9. There still are a good number of make-up games that need to be played. So because I’d love to see the league finish out the season without any forfeits and because the season ends much sooner than it did last year, I have decided to extend make-up games for another week. I have updated the schedule to reflect this change and the final scores (which will determine the order going into the play-offs) will now be due by Friday, August 26.

Which brings me to the the play-offs. I have been thinking lately that instead of spreading out the play-off games over a two week format that it might be really fun to just make a weekend out of it. A Saturday and Sunday afternoon that all teams can come down and watch each and everyone else compete for champion. We could have food, drinks and make it into a end of season party. Of course this will only work if teams are able to come down to play on one or both days. This is where I ask each of you to think about it and please let me know if you’d be able and willing. Having extended the make-up games, the first weekend we could do it would be Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28, however I wouldn’t be able to post the times for each team’s game until the evening before which doesn’t allow a ton of time for coordinating. Otherwise we could wait until the following Saturday and Sunday which is September 3rd and 4th.

Again, talk it over with your teammates and let me know if a) you could do this and b) which weekend would work best for your team. The most important thing is that all teams are able to compete in the finals, so if there seems to be any major problems with scheduling for either weekend, I’ll just keep it in the two week format.

Thanks and have a fantastic last week!

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