Tonight, Tonight!

Thus far this week looks like an indisputably nice week for a bocce tournament! And tonight starts it all.

Our matches for today start at 5:30 with Bocc-Grabbers versus  Dog Face Boys, and at 6:30 with Schrodinger’s Balls versus Boccelism. Winners of tonight’s games automatically move on to the Semi Final match on Saturday.

As you know from the Regular Season, all teams should have 4 players per game. However since we’ve been relaxed all season with keeping to that, for these Quarter Final games each team must have at least 2 players to proceed. All teams that make it to the Weekend bracket must have at least  3 rotating players. So let me know if it looks like your team might not be able to pull together the minimum number of players required because I’m sure I can find a sub!

For teams that will be playing in the Weekend Bracket, in order to help you plan ahead better, games will begin at 1pm sharp and will have a maximum of a one and a quarter hour time limit. The order of each match is determined by the Tournament Bracket from top to bottom and the time slots are exactly as follows: Game 1 @ 1pm. Game 2 @ 2:15pm. Game 3 @ 3:30 Game 4 @ 4:45.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise I’ll see you at the court tonight! Good Luck to Everyone!