Semi Final Round

First off congratulation to all teams this year for one heck of a fun season! I think we really had the best group of people playing this season by far, and it showed in the games.

After the quarter final round we have 4 teams moving on to the next round. The are The Big Labocce, Deboccery, Fahgetabocce and Chewbocce. The will meet with the top 4 teams from the rankings starting Tuesday next week in the Semi-Final round!

Tuesday, 8/23 @ 5:30 The Big Labocce vs. Bocce Talkin Bout Wills
Tuesday, 8/23 @ 6:30 Deboccery vs. Geronimo
Wednesday, 8/24 @ 5:30 Fahgetabocce vs. Rolling Stones
Wednesday, 8/24 @ 6:30 Chewbocce vs. Team Tony (Danza)


Winning teams automatically move on to the final championship round on the following Saturday.
Practice up over the weekend and see you at the Semi-Finals!