Round 1 Results + Weekend Agenda

From what I have gathered from reports, Round 1 of this year’s play-offs are complete.

Moving to Round 2 and joining our top 4 teams are Sandy Balls, Close to Spectacular, That’s Bocce Said and Let Me See Your Bocce Roll.

Before moving on I would like to acknowledge the teams not moving on, Schrodinger’s Balls, Castration Station, Joanie Loves Bocce and This American Bocce, for a job well done this season and a big thanks for being so awesome and playing some mean ass bocce! Hope you all can come down this weekend to watch some games.

As you know this weekend is our final weekend. The weather looks good, the competition looks good and I’m excited to see what happens. Saturday’s games begin at 1pm and if all goes well should end no later than 7pm. I’m allowing an hour and a half per match so that there’s enough time for each team to play without having to rush. Below you will find the approximate times your team will be expected to play, so please plan accordingly. I do really urge you all to come down and make a day of this to help cheer, jeer and generally support each other during what should be very titillating matches.

Game 1
1pm – Dog Face Boys vs. Let Me See Your Bocce Roll

Game 2
2:30pm – Bi-occe vs. That’s Bocce Said

Game 3
4pm – Team Tony (Danza) vs. Close to Spectacular

Game 4
5:30pm – Chewbocce vs. Sandy Balls

Towards the second game there will be food available for all league members. Most likely pizza although I did hear a rumor that a certain someone might break out his grill for the event. Either way it should be a good time and I look forward to seeing you there!

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