Rolling Along

Hey Ballers!

Hope everyone is having a great start to the season. We are now 5 weeks in and I’ve already seen some pretty tough matches out there!

Despite some rain early on, we’ve had some beautiful days. Let’s keep our finger’s crossed that it remains this way through the month of June. For those of you who are having to make-up games, send an email to all the team captains reserving the date (as a few of you have already done) to assure the day you pick is still available.

For those of you who have played your games, please don’t forget to email me your results. And to help me make sure I get it right, please include your team name, the opponent’s team name and the date of the originally scheduled game in the email. This is particularly helpful while trying to make better sense of the standings you see on the right of this page. Keep in mind when looking at it, it automatically calculates a win / loss percentage, so the results will be skewed if there are missing scores.

See you out there!!