Rake, etc.

Yesterday marked the first full day of bocce! Thanks to the supposed thunderstorm for holding off, we were able to complete both matches in Tuesday’s games. Looks like we’re on for both games tonight as well, so good luck to all.

As a reminder, don’t forget to report your wins/losses!

We also have a new rake which will be kept at Small Point Cafe, just a few doors down on Westminster. Feel free to pop in and ask to grab it and please make sure it’s returned before the end of the night. They are open until 10pm.

Finally I still need to ask most teams to please submit the league fee, which I’ve been lazy about collecting so far this year. We hope that we’ll be able to use this money for the winners prize and a little something extra to give to the teams. Money can be given to me or Danielle. I’m often found at either Small point Cafe or at the bocce court.

Thanks teams and good luck on the season.

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