Qualification Round

We’ve successfully completed the qualification round with four teams moving on to the quarter final round which began yesterday. Congratulations to those teams who are moving on!

The first game of the quarter finals matched Bocce Ya Self with bocce-licious and it came down to the rubber match. Both teams did amazing well but it was Bocce ya Self that came away victorious and will move on to play Schweddy Balls in the semi final game on Saturday.

The quarter final round continues tonight and tomorrow with the following match ups: Sandy Balls vs. Mission Imbocceball, Fahgetabocce vs. Boccelism and The Rollins Stones vs. Pass the Bocce to the left Hand Side. Each winning team in these matchups will also move on to the semi final games on Saturday. I’ll keep you posted on the exact times as we get a little closer.

We’re well on our way to a fantastic tournament! Let’s just hope the weather holds up…