New Teams, New Schedule, New Season


The 2013 Schedule is now up and available to view, print and memorize! You can find it here: As you’ll notice I only have the first half of the schedule up, which is your first 7 games! I’ve mentioned before that due to the large number of teams this year I’ve divided all 16 teams into 2 divisions and this schedule allows for you to play everyone in your division once. As we move into the season I will devise the rest of the schedule which should add at least a couple more Inter-League Games ¬†for each team to play and an End of Season Tournament. More about this to come…

Teams and Divisions

As of right now I do not have names for the League Divisions. This is where I need your help! Below I have listed the teams in each Division, which for now we’ll call Red and Blue. I’m taking suggestions for new and improved names and I’d like YOU to pick them. Please send me an email with your best idea for your division name and by the start of the season I’ll pick my favorite and post them on the site. Sound good? Here are the divisions.

Red Division:

  • The Rolling Stones
  • Close to Spectacular
  • Bi-occe
  • Bocce-Grabbers
  • Bocce Ya Self
  • Deboccery
  • Castration Station
  • Boccelism

Blue Division:

  • Team Tony (Danza)
  • Sandy Balls
  • Mission Imbocceball (formally bocce-ca-wow-wow)
  • Bocce-licious
  • Robot Ch’i
  • Pass the Bocce to the Left Hand Side
  • Bocce Job

More Soon

I will have more information for you within the next few weeks, including information on a pre-season party which is scheduled for the end of this month. Please be sure to re read the Rules and FAQ pages on this website to familiarize yourself with game play. I will also be collecting a league fee of $20 per team within the first few weeks, which will contribute to the small overhead of running the league, web hosting, prizes, food etc. And as always, let me know if you have any questions!

Talk soon,