Mid Season Update

Well Rollers we’ve made it past the halfway mark in the 2010 season of the PDBL!!
Hope you all have enjoyed yourselves thus far this season.
Here’s a few things that we should all consider as the season begins winding down:

I know that everyone has had their share of rainouts so far this season. Props to those of you who have made the extra time and effort to reschedule and play those games! Just remember that as the season begins winding down, you all should start thinking about making up any outstanding games before we get to the play-offs. More about that in a second. Any games that are not rescheduled, or wins that have not been reported, before the end of the last regular game will be counted as a wash for both teams.

There are still a good number of games that have not been reported. If the games have been played, please remember to email us the results. Same goes for any of the no-show / cancellations that are not going to be rescheduled. Thanks!

Anyone have any idea? Should I bother picking up a cheap rake to finish out the season?

Bocce Party
We’ve been trying to work out a plan for hosting a mid-season bocce party, however our original idea isn’t really going to work out. We do have a pretty sweet back-up idea for which we’re working on the details but before we finalize anything we wanted to make sure that it would be something that you all would be interested in coming to. Without going into all of the details, we’re thinking free beer and some sort of live music for all participants of the league plus a guest or two of your choice (read: a spouse or really good friend but not the entire family). It would be great if each team captain could make either a comment here or email me at the PDBL gmail address with their thoughts and an estimate of how many people might attend. We’re looking at sometime Mid August.

When the schedule was created I divided the league into two divisions of eight teams, as you will see below. By the end of the season, each team in the same division will have played each other once. The remaining four games were randomly matched against a team from the opposite division. So I think the play-offs schedule that would be the best and most fair would be to group the top 4 teams in each division in a bracketed tournament to determine the winners of each division for a championship game. By doing this we would be able to have a clear season champion in a total of 7 extra games beyond the regular season. Sound fair?

Here are the team divisions:

Division Blue
Ball Blazer
Schrodinger’s Balls
Bocce Theory
Days of Thunder
That’s Bocce Said
Downcity Pictures
Joanie Loves Bocce

Division Red
Let Me See Your Bocce Roll
Dog Face Boys
Sandy Balls
Balls of Glory
The Moldy Rollers
The Castration Station
Team Tony (Danza)

A Little Gift
Fairly soon I should have in my possession a little something-something that we’ll be handing out to all of you. It’s not much but we thought it was cool. Keep a lookout for it within the next week or so.

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