Gold, Silver, Bronze …

Gold, Silver and Bronze – that’s what you’re playing for, and just like in the Olympics they only go to the top 3 teams.

This league is all about having fun but don’t forget that the better you do the better your chances are of finishing the season with a medal around your neck. This is why everyone should try to reschedule all of your missed and postponed games. Time is running out before we wrap up the regular season and determine which seed each team plays in for the single elimination tournament. Here’s how it will work:

Make-Ups and Final Score Reporting

Teams are ranked based on the number of wins and played games that they have had during the regular season. Teams that have won and played the most will be ranked higher. Teams that have won the least and played the least will be ranked lower. Any games that go unreported with neither a win or a loss outcome (whether by an un-rescheduled rainout or predetermined cancellation) by the Final Score’s Due date, will incur a penalty to both team’s seeded rank. However games that are reported as “no-show”, where one team made no effort to contact the other team who was ready and waiting to play, will award a win to the team who was stood-up. So please specify which type of missed game you might be reporting.

Tournament Time

The tournament will begin with 4 Quarter Final Games – pitting the lowest 8 ranked ┬áteams against each other for one of 4 spots in the next round. These 4 games will be played much like the Regular Season with two games on Tuesday, September 4 and two games on Wednesday September 5. The winners of each match will then be moved up to face off against the top ranked 4 teams in a long day of Semi Final Games. These four games will take place on Saturday, September 8 and will begin at 1pm. The winners of each of these matches will go on to the Finals where they compete for GOLD. The Final games will be held on Sunday, September 9 and will begin at 1pm. We’ll soon have this up on the schedule for your convenience, as well as visual tournament bracket so we can keep track of how it all pans out.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I also want to make mention that although we’ve been pretty relaxed about the number of players per team this year, it is not acceptable to play a game with less than 2 players, especially during the tournament rounds. I understand that many of you are regularly busy but please try your best to muster at least 4 players out of fairness to other teams who try to do the same.

More coming soon…