Get Ready to Roll

Good afternoon leaguers.

First I want to thank ¬†all of you who could make it to the pre-season party, we had a great time and hope that you did too! A special thanks to the office of Nail in offering up their sweet spot (and segway) for the party, and to Jeanette for making it all happen. Hopefully we’ll be having a couple more of these league parties as the season progresses, and hope that when we do all of you will be a able to make it.

I also want to welcome our two newest teams to the league, Close to Spectacular and Chewbocce. Both teams have been added to the empty spots on the schedule and I am very pleased to have them both aboard.

We start games this coming Tuesday, May 17!

I recommend that everyone take a moment to review the rules and FAQ located on the website prior to their games. If you still have any questions about what to do, please let me know. I will try and be available at every game for the first week, but please remember to report your wins via email. I would also like to announce that year I will be having some help from Danielle (of This American Bocce) who can help officiate and answer questions. And as always if you cannot make your game please try to contact the opposing team ahead of time and see about trying to make it up at another time.

Until next week, let’s get ready to roll.

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