Final Standings / Semi-Final Round

The final standings have been posted to the right of this page. Congrats to everyone for a great season!

Here’s a snapshot of how the tournament bracket will begin. This can also be found under the “Playoffs” Tab up above.


The top 4 teams automatically advance to the semi-final games next week (see below for more information). But first here’s the schedule for everyone else this coming week:

  • Tuesday, 8/15 @ 5:30 Chewbocce vs. Team Geronimo
  • Tuesday, 8/15 @ 6:30 The Big Labocce vs. Fistful of Bocce
  • Wednesday, 8/16 @ 5:30 Bocce-licious vs. Resting Bocce Face
  • Wednesday, 8/16 @ 6:30 Son of a Bocce vs. The Rolling Stones

Winners of these games move on to play the top 4 teams the following week as follows:

  • Tuesday, 8/22 @ 5:30 Fahgetabocce vs. Winner of Game 1
  • Tuesday, 8/22 @ 6:30 Mission Imbocceball vs. Winner of Game 2
  • Wednesday, 8/23 @ 5:30 Team Tony (Danza) vs. Winner of Game 3
  • Wednesday, 8/23 @ 6:30 Bocce Talkin’ Bout Willis vs. Winner of Game 4

Please note that games will not be rescheduled unless the weather makes it impossible to play, in which case Thursday and Friday of each respective week are the only option for make-ups. So please try your best to play the scheduled game.  Also make sure that your team is able to field at least 3 players.

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck to all!