Final Rankings

As promised the final rankings are posted. You may notice that they’re a bit different form those that were being automatically calculated through out the season.  The reason for this is that although the rankings are determined primarily by a team’s win percentage, not every team has played the same number of games. So when determining the win percentage we don’t think it’s necessarily fair to give an advantage to a team who has the same number of wins as another team when they’ve played fewer games. Considering this a team’s number of wins has been penalized by a one-tenth of a point (ten percent of the total number of scheduled games per team) for each game that they did not play.

For example: Team Blue Balls played 7 out of 10 games of which they won 6. Because they missed a total of 3 games they are being penalized by .10  points per missed game for a total of .30 points. To figure out their winning percentage using this deduction you subtract .30 from the number games they won (6) which brings their games won down to 5.7. Divide that number by the number of total games (10) and they end up with a winning percentage of .570. 

Once the winning percentages were calculated, the other factor that went into arranging the rankings was figuring out tie-breakers. This proved to be a little complicated as there ended up being 4 teams with .600 winning percentage. To figure it out I looked at the results of each team’s individual game with one another. Two of the four teams had won 2 games each and the other two had just won 1 game each. I then looked at who won the individual game between both of these pairs to determine the final rankings between all four teams.

I know this sounds terribly complicated but I promise you that it was figured out in the fairest way possible. With that said congratulations to all teams for making it to the finals!

Tournament Bracket – click for full size

As I said before the top 4 teams automatically advance to the semi-final games next week. For everyone else here’s the schedule for this coming week:

Tuesday, 8/16 @ 5:30 Mission Imbocceball vs. The Big Labocce

Tuesday, 8/16 @ 6:30 Pass the Bocce vs. Deboccery

Wednesday, 8/17 @ 5:30 Bocce-licious vs. Fahgetabocce

Wednesday, 8/17 @ 6:30 Chewbocce vs. Son of a Bocce

Please note that games will not be rescheduled unless the weather makes it impossible to play. Also make sure that your team is able to field at least 3 players. I will be available off the bench if absolutely necessary, but plan to bring whomever you can find. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck to all!