Final Rankings / Tournament Time

After countless hours of tossing balls we now have our final rankings which will lead us into the start of the Championship Tournament.

Tournament Time

Here’s how it will work. Each team gets a fair shot at the gold. The top 4 teams with the best combined WIN and PLAYED numbers automatically move on to the Semi-Final round on Saturday, September 8th. This means that the remaining 8 teams will be matched against each other, based on their rankings, in a Quarter-Final Match on either Tuesday, September 4th or Wednesday, September 5th. The winners of each respective match will move on to challenge the other 4 teams in the next round. See the Tournament Bracket to the right to see your rank and when you can expect to play during the tournament. Click on the “Playoffs” link above to see the full-sized bracket!

There will be two back-to-back Quarter-Final games on Tuesday and Wednesday (just like in the regular season). Please report your win/loss immediately after the game. The Saturday games will begin at 1pm and I’ll announce which teams will be playing and at roughly what time by Friday morning so you can plan accordingly. The winners of Saturday’s games then move on to play in the Championship round on Sunday, with teams and times to be announced as early as possible.

Post Season Party and Hangout

Obviously it would be super-duper awesome to see teams come down to support their fellow bocce teams during all of these post-season games! I’ll be hanging out at all the games so someone better come by and keep me company! Friday night (9/7) starting at 6pm will be the last Downcity Sound Stage event which features awesome local bands Ravi Shavi and Triangle Forest. I highly recommend  that y’all take come check them out! On Saturday (9/8) after the final Semi-Final Game I’d like to invite every and all team members to The Salon Providence  for our Post Season Bash @ around 8pm! They have a ping pong table, foosball and pinball machines! Just be careful not to party too hearty if you’ve got a game the next day!


Per usual the top three teams after Sunday’s Championship Tournament will receive validation for all their hard earned success. That validation will come in the form of a cute little trophy and 4 authentic Italian-made Bocce medals!!!!! If your team places in the top 3 and you have more than 4 players let me know and I’ll be happy to order any additional medals (at a low reorder cost) so that every deserving player on your team gets one!

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That’s all for now. More later. See you on the court again very soon!