Final Rankings – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

The final ranks have been determined! They are as follows:

1. Chewbocce
2. Bi-occe
3. Dog Face Boys
4. Team Tony (Danza)
5. Close to Spectacular
6. Let Me See Your Bocce Roll
7. That’s Bocce Said
8. Sandy Balls
9. Schrodinger’s Balls
10. Joanie Loves Bocce
11. This American Bocce
12. Castration Station

These rankings have been determined by using a few different statistics. The main statistic used was the total number of wins by each team. However by the end there were still teams who were tied with the same number of wins. To break these ties, teams who won the head-to-head match was ordered by a higher rank.

For example, between the first place teams who had exactly 8 wins each, Chewbocce beat Bi-occe in their head-to-head match causing Chewbocce to take the higher rank. And between the teams ranked for second with exactly 7 wins each, Dog Face Boys beat both Close to Spectacular and Team Tony (Danza), while Team Tony (Danza) beat Close to Spectacular in their head-to-head matches causing the ranks to order accordingly.

Please refer to the schedule for placement of each team into the play-off bracket as well as the dates and times of each play-off game.

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm for playing in this league, and welcome to PDBL Post Season.

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