Final Games Set

Round 2 and 3 of the quarter finals went off without a hitch. We have the four finalists moving on to the semi final games tomorrow. Congratulations to each team moving on and job we’ll done to all. These games were as close as they could be and win or lose, everyone played really well.

The match ups and times for tomorrow are as follows:

Game 1 at 12pm – Bocce Ya Self vs. Schweddy Balls
Game 2 at 1:15pm – Sandy Balls vs. Bocce Job
Game 3 at 2:30pm – Boccelism vs. Bi-occe
Game 4 at 3:45 – Pass the Bocce vs. Team Tony (Danza)

Each game is slated to run an hour and fifteen minutes. Some may run slightly longer and some shorter but please try to schedule yourself on time. Winner of each game tomorrow will return for the final championship round for two games on Sunday.

Best of luck to all and let me know if you have any questions or problems. See you on the court tomorrow!