Division Standings (After Final Week)

Ok, so here is the updated standings after this week’s reported games.
Updated 9/18

Division Blue:
Rank / Team Name / Points
1. Schrodinger’s Balls 7
2. Days of Thunder 6
3. That’s Bocce Said 5
3. Joanie Loves Bocce 5
4. Ball Blazer 4
5. Bocce Theory 2
5. Downcity Pictures 2
6. Bocce Ballers 1

Division Red:
Rank / Team Name / Points
1. Bi-occe 9
2. Dog Face Boys 8
2. Team Tony (Danza) 7
2. The Castration Station 7
3. Balls of Glory 6
4. Sandy Balls 5
5. Let Me See Your Bocce Roll 3
5. The Moldy Rollers 3

As I said before the play-offs will be consisted of the top four teams from each division playing off in a tournament until there is a winner from both divisions for a title bout.

For example, at this point Schrodinger’s Balls would play Days of Thunder in a best of 3, as would Ball Blazer and Joanie Loves Bocce. The winner of those games would then play each other in a best of 3 for the division title. The same will happen for the other division. The championship match will then follow, in a best of 3 game, between the winners of each division.

Remember that there is still a little time left to report a missing game or even make one up. However, please report them to me ASAP.
I will post the schedule of play and match-ups for the qualifying teams no later then the evening of this coming Monday, 9/20.
Although this only allows short notice to the qualifying teams, and I apologize now (an adjustment I’ll definitely make for next year), it looks like we’ll be looking at this time frame:

9/22 Wednesday 5:30 – Division Blue Team 1 vs. Team 2
9/22 Wednesday 6:30 – Division Blue Team 3 vs. Team 4
9/23 Thursday 5:30 – Division Red Team 1 vs. Team 2
9/23 Thursday 6:30 – Division Red Team 3 vs. Team 4
9/28 Tuesday 5:30 – Winner of Division Blue 1+2 vs. Winner of Division Blue 3+4
9/28 Tuesday 6:30 – Winner of Division Red 1+2 vs. Winner of Division Red 3+4
9/29 Wednesday 5:30 – *Championship Game* Winner of Division Blue vs. Winner of Division Red

I know that being able to make these is a lot to ask, but I suggest that if you are or think you will be at the top of the standings by the end of this weekend, prepare to be available for these times. And of course I invite everyone from the league to try and come down to watch these games and support your fellow rollers. Assuming that all goes well and we do end with the championship game on Wednesday, I think it would be cool for everyone to hang out at Tazza during and after for some post season drinks and to hand out the winner’s prize.

Lastly if there are any major problems with being able to play these games, such as rain, we’ll see about pushing things back to fit them in so that we can actually end the season with a final winner. Also, once the play-off schedule is posted, if it happens that your team absolutely cannot play a date let me know immediately and I’ll try to rearrange the match. Or, even better, if you know a date coming up that just won’t work, let me know now!

Here’s to bocce!

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