Division Games Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Division Finals.

At 5:30 Schrodinger’s Balls face off with Days of Thunder for the Division Blue Title.
And at 6:30 we have Dog Face Boys and Team Tony (Danza) for the Red Division Title.

It seems that there may be a slight thunderstorm tomorrow around 7:00, however who really knows. Shouldn’t be anything catastrophic so lets forge ahead as planned. If rain plays a factor in delaying the games, we should have some time Wednesday before the big game to finish a frame or two. But I suggest bringing a jacket and umbrella just in case. I’d like it if we can finish this up as scheduled.

Also as you know it’s been getting really dark fast. If you’re playing at the 6:30 game you might want to bring a flashlight, especially for those long-balls.

Lastly, check out the new photos that are up from the last couple of play-off days. See you tomorrow!

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