Congratulations Semi Finalists

Congratulations to our Thusday game winners, The Rolling Stone and bocce-ca-wow-wow, who will be moving on to the Semi Final Match on Saturday!

I’d like to give out a special thanks to everyone who played this season. It was a pleasure playing with you and I hope that, win or lose, you’ve enjoyed your time tossing balls in downcity this year!

Saturday’s games are set and here’s the order in which they will be played:

1:00 – Team Tony (Danza) vs. Bocc-Grabbers

2:15 – Chewbocce vs. Boccelism

3:30 – Bi-occe vs. The Rolling Stones

4:45 – Sandy Balls vs. bocce-ca-wow-wow

Fell free to come early and stay late. I’ll be out on the court all afternoon and would love some company.