Bring it On!

As you all know all regularly scheduled  games have come to a close. With only a week left of make-up games, we're getting down to the nitty-gritty. The ultimate goal is to have all game scores reported by Thursday, August 22nd at the latest. This includes all no-shows and forfeits which will be considered a loss. However If you've been in talks with anther team trying to reschedule but collectively haven't been able to do so, you may both agree to call it a “wash” where neither team will be credited for win/loss. This still slightly counts against both team's rank, however it is much better than having a loss.

Tournament Time

Here's how it will work. Each team gets a fair shot at the gold. The top 4 teams with the best combined WIN and PLAYED numbers get an automatic pass to move on to the Semi-Final round on Saturday, August  31tst. This means that the remaining 8 teams will be matched against each other, based on their rankings, in a Quarter-Final Match on either Tuesday, August 27 or Wednesday, August 28. The winners of each respective matches will move on to challenge the other 4 teams in the next round. The playoffs are held as a single elimination tournament. Basically if you lose a game you're out but if you win you move on to face the next team. Teams are bracketed based on your regular season record. See the “PLAYOFFS” link above to see the bracket. We will be filling in team names to the bracket after determining ranks after all final games are recorded.

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There will be two back-to-back Quarter-Final games on Tuesday and Wednesday (just like in the regular season). Please report your win/loss immediately after the game. The Saturday games will begin at 12pm and I'll announce which teams will be playing and at roughly what time by Friday morning (latest) so you can plan accordingly. The winners of Saturday's games then move on to play in the Championship round on Sunday, with teams and times to be announced as early as possible.

Post Season Party and Hangout

Obviously it would be super-duper awesome to see teams come down to support their fellow bocce teams during all of these post-season games! I'll be hanging out at all the games so someone better come by and keep me company!


Per usual the top three teams after Sunday's Championship Tournament will receive validation for all their hard earned success. That validation will come in the form of a badass captain's trophy and authentic Italian-made Bocce medals and pins!!!!! I'll share photos once they arrive (all the way from Italy)! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with this final schedule.

That's all for now. More later. See you on the court again very soon!