PDBL 2011 Update

As you know Spring is finally here. The birds are chirping, the bugs are bugging and the bocce balls have been dusted.

Yesterday  I stopped into the newly redesigned Tazza to talk  about bocce related stuff, and for a moment I really wasn’t sure I was in the right place. The redesign looks great. Still has a kind of new car smell  to it, but I was really impressed with what they did with it. Can’t wait to try something off their new menu.

Anyway, part of the reason I stopped in was to confirm that, with all the new changes, they would still be able to hold onto our balls. The answer was yes. However it seems that it will no longer be possible to have them left in a place where it’s easy to grab them ourselves, but they should be quickly available upon request. More importantly I also wanted to inquire about being able to carry drinks out to the bocce court. As it is right now they do not hold a liquor license that extends outside but I was told that they should be getting it in time for our first games. So for now let’s not worry about that too much.

Speaking of our first games I have nearly completed the new schedule and unless I see any glaring errors our first game will begin Tuesday, May 17!  This season we will have a total of 12 teams, each of which will be able to play a total of 11 regular season matches with time permitting to still allow us to have a seeded single elimination tournament to close out the season. All said and done we’ll be looking at playing into the first week of September, so no worries about in climate weather or quickly fading daylight.

Another change that we’ve made for this season is being able to cut one game per week, allowing for two games at 5:30 and 6:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday and only one game at 6pm on Thursday. Cutting the second game on Thursday will hopefully solve the issue of having to cut games short before the “Movies on the Block” begins.

I hope you all are ready and practiced for some bocce because it’s all in motion and we’ll be ready to toss the first palino before you know it. We’re also planning a pre-season kick-off party which should happen just shortly before we do, so stay tuned in the next few days for the official schedule.

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