Final Rankings and Games

What a great season of Bocce! So few rainouts and even fewer missed games. Congratulations on a stellar season! We’ve tallied all the scores and now have our final rankings (seen on the front page of the website). With that we’ve also been able to schedule the final games and tournament which can be seen here.

There are two rounds of quarter finals which are slated to be played between Monday and Friday this coming week. The first part of the quarter finals see who move on to play the next group in the quarter finals. The teams who win these games move on to play in the semi-finals on Saturday and the teams that win Saturday move on the the championship round on Sunday. For a more visual friendly explanation, see the final tournament bracket here

Hopefully this week goes without a hitch and let’s all do our anti rain dance because any bit of in climate weather will throw us off schedule. And most importantly I hope that you can all make these games!! I’ll be at the courts every day this week so I’ll keep you posted with updates. See you soon!