Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up my team?

Unfortunately because of size and time limitations, the league is by waitlist only. If you’re interested in playing please email us and we’ll put your team on the waiting list and let you know if a spot opens up. Otherwise teams may need alternative players so let us know if you’d like to be put on a reserve list!

Is there a league fee?

Yes, the fee is $20 per team. This helps cover expenses like winner’s trophies, medals, playoff snacks, and web hosting.

How many players per team?

You will need at least 4 players for each game but it’s a good idea to have a larger roster just in case someone can’t make it!

What about balls?

We got ’em. The league uses a standard regulation weight bocce ball that can be borrowed to use for game play. At this time balls will be kept at Aurora Providence, located just down the street from the bocce court. Just pop in and tell them that you’re in the league and they’ll point you towards the balls. Just remember that the balls must be returned after each game!

What about refreshments?

BYOB, carry in and carry out. At this time drinks can be purchased and brown bagged to the court. Please be responsible for yourself, the people around you and the property. The park is privately owned and leaguers are welcome to bring drinks into the area, but remember that public drinking isn’t technically allowed by law so it’s a tricky situation. There may be an option later on to purchase drinks from one or more of the neighboring businesses, we’ll let you know if that becomes possible.

What about restrooms?

Restrooms are currently available at Aurora Providence. Aurora is graciously letting league members use of their restroom if needed, so please be respectful of their space and buy something if you can.

How can I add photos of my team?

Email your photos to us, and we’ll post them.

What if my team can’t make a game (or it’s raining)?

Get in contact with the opposing team’s captain no later than an hour before the game.  Then plan a time to reschedule your game either on an off day or during one of the “Make Up Game” blocks. We will provide everyone with a phone list prior to the season’s start.

Have a question about something else?

Let me know at pdbl2010 at gmail dot com.