Pass the Trophy to the Left Hand Side

Sep 20, 2015

I’d like to introduce our 2015 PDBL winners, Pass the Bocce by the Left Hand Side! In a thrilling game 3 of the champaionship round they edged out four-time 1st place team, Team Tony (Danza), to secure this year’s grand prize. Congratulations on your well earned victory!


Taking home the silver this year was Team Tony (Danza), who now holds two second place trophies to go along with their 4 first place wins. Great job once again fellas!


And last but certainly not least, a big congrats to Fahgetabocce who secured the bronze and certainly deserves a big round of applause for another stellar season!


Thanks to everyone who participated this year, it was one heck of a season. I look forward to seeing you all again next year and wish you all the best until we meet again!

Quarter Final Results

Aug 26, 2015

After a few real pressure cookers this week, we’ve finally whittled down the competition to the top 8 teams!

To start, the teams moving on from Monday’s Qualification Games were Geronimo and Mission Imbocceball.

And as luck may have it both of these teams defeated their rivals, The Big Labocce and Chewbocce respectively, in the Quarter Final round to move them into the Semi Final round on Saturday. We are sad to say goodbye to The Big Labocce and Chewbocce but really excited to welcome Geronimo and Mission Imbocceball to the big leagues!

As for the other two Qualification Games, we are happy to see the poisonous Boccelism moving forward to the Quarter Final round as well as Fahgetabocce who narrowly defeated Bocce-licious in an extremely titillating game just this evening. Congrats to both who are moving on and a sad farewell to Bocce Job and Bocce-licious who both played excellently this season.

And now we wait until the big game weekend. In case you were wondering the final two rounds will work like this:

Saturday will start with games at 12pm. Each game is slated for 1 hour and 15 minutes, but may run longer or shorter depending on the game. I would suggest that your team arrive at the scheduled time to avoid running an later than need be. I will be at the courts all day so I’m always happy to have the company of anyone who wants to stick around before or after your game to join in on the excitement. I also encourage members of other teams who didn’t make it to come down too! Winners of each of these games move on to the Final Round on Sunday and are automatically guaranteed a 1 in 4 chance to bring home the gold! Here are the time slots for Saturday:

12 – Rolling Stones vs. Geronimo
1:15 – Pass the Bocce vs. Mission Imbocceball
2:30 – Team Tony vs. Boccelism
3:15 – Bocce Talkin’ vs. Fahgetabocce

Sunday will play out identical with the times, but each team will have to play twice (a winners bracket and a losers bracket)! The order of this will depend on who wins the first two games, so it’s usually best not to stray too far away on Sunday. A short medal ceremony will take place directly after the final game (which really just consists of me throwing them at you) and we’re done!

See you at the weekend!

Final Rankings

Aug 22, 2015

Good morning ballers! The final rankings are in a posted in the sidebar to the right of the homepage. Congrats to everyone for a stellar season!

Now that we know the rankings we’re able to determine the order of games starting next week, just simply find your  teams rank and insert it into the corresponding bracket.

Most importantly this determines that the top 4 ranked teams gets a by and automatically move on to the Semi Final round on Saturday. Better use this time to rest up, the competition is going to be hungry by the time they get to you!

But before we get to that we look to the two qualification games on Monday so please reference the August calendar for the match ups. Monday’s games will start off at 5:30 with teams Bocce with an ly versus Geronimo followed by the 6:45 game of Mission Imbocceball versus Castration Station.

Winners of these two games move on to the quarter finals on Tuesday! Please see the  Playoffs page for a more in depth and visual explanation of how teams move on from this point.  Looking at the weather forecast it seems that we may be in for some wet whether on Tuesday but we’ll have to play it by ear for now. I’ll keep you posted if things need to get shuffled around a bit.

See you Monday!

The End is Near

Aug 16, 2015

We’re already at the end middle of August which means another bocce season is nearing and end. Kim and I both thank you for your continuing support of this league and playing your hearts out each and every game. I know there were a few bumps in the road this year including some inevitable no-shows and one particular officer that gave some of you trouble about drinking on the court. Sorry about that by the way, it shouldn’t have gone like that so we’ll try to figure out a better solution next year.

The tournament is going to play out slightly different this year since we have an uneven number of teams. Originally I was thinking that we’d drop the bottom two ranked teams to create the 12 team tournament but that’s certainly no way to go down. In the spirit of giving everyone a chance (this is really just a fun league anyway) I devised a “Qualification Round” that pits the bottom 4 ranked teams in a do or die situation. The two teams that come out victorious move on to the Quarter Finals. Unfortunately the two teams that lose will find themselves out of the tournament. Now before I explain how this works I want to ask every team to make sure they look at how this tournament is going to play out and let me know if you think you can’t play. No shows will not be tolerated during these finals rounds so I recommend that you tell me ASAP if your team doesn’t want to play in the finals. I also strongly urge you all to make sure that you have the minimum 3 players per team for these games. Please plan ahead and reach out to friends if you need an extra player, or get someone from another team!

Qualification Round

Once the final rankings have been determined, each team’s name will populate the schedule and tournament bracket. The Qualification Round will consist of the bottom 4 ranked teams (ranked 11 through 14) in a two game bracket. The winners of each game move on with the next 6 ranked teams (ranked 5 through 10) to play off in the Quarter Final Round. Please see the August calendar for more information on the Qualification Round.

Quarter Final Round

The Quarter Final Round consists of two days following the Qualification Round. Ultimately this will consist of the bottom 8 teams (ranked 5 through 12) after having eliminated two in the previous contest. This round will consist of 4 games with the winner of each moving on to play the top 4 teams (ranked 1 through 4) in the Semi Final Round on Saturday. Please see the August calendar and the Tournament Bracket for more information on this round.

Semi Final Round

This round begins on Saturday at 12pm and consists of 4 games. The winners of these game, who are automatically ranked 1 through 4,  come back to compete in the Finals on Sunday. Please see the Tournament Bracket for more information.

Final Round

The final round will begin on Sunday at 12pm and consist of 4 games. These games will decide the order of winners from 1st place to 4th place. As always each of these 4 teams are handsomely awarded!!

So now you know what you gotta do. Good luck to all! Until then please make sure that you submit all of your scores by end of day on Thursday, August 20. Final rankings will be posted by Saturday which will determine all of your fates for the following week, so keep an eye here and plan accordingly. May the bocce be with you!



“Post”-Opening Celebration!!

May 20, 2015

Hey PDBLers! Come have a drink with us at Aurora to celebrate the beginning of the 2015 PDBL Bocce Season!! At this point you’ve all likely won or lost a game (or both!) but you may not have met everyone in the league yet. We’re gonna do this on a non-league day so anyone who wants to play certainly can. Come share some drinks, laughs, and maybe win a prize or two! Here are the details:

“Post”-Opening Celebration @ Aurora

Thursday, May 28th, 2015




Report Your Wins

May 13, 2015

Hey teams! Just a friendly reminder to submit your wins to us at

Here’s to the start of a fantastic season. Hope that our luck with the awesome weather continues!

Season Starts Today

May 4, 2015

What a perfect day to roll out the 2015 season of PDBL! Our first game of the season begins at 5:30 followed by the second game of the evening at 6:45. Please remember to check the calendar to find out when your team is scheduled to play, which is now posted on the website!

Brian and Kim will both be down at the court this afternoon and most of the first couple of weeks to help get things started. If you haven’t paid your team’s $20 league fee please be sure to have it readily available for collection at your first game.

We’re still ironing out the details of a pre-season get-together sometime in the near future, so keep an eye here for more details!

You’ll be pleased to see that the bocce court has received a bit of a face lift this year with a new coat of paint and a bit of resurfacing. The balls should be rolling smoothly all season long!

We’re looking forward to a great season and we’ll see you on the court very soon!

2015 PDBL Set and Ready to Go

Apr 19, 2015

The Providence Downcity Bocce League is almost set and ready to begin it’s 6th official season. All teams are now set for the 2015 season. An introductory email has been sent to all participating teams. Please keep an eye out here for further information as we approach the start of the new season in early May!

Game, Set, Match

Aug 23, 2014

Congrats to all the finalists. First round of the semi finals is complete and we have our teams that are moving on. Congrats to everyone who competed today. Those teams that are not moving on did a fantastic job, despite now moving on. The teams that did win will be moving on, and the schedule is as follows:

Game 1 @ 12 – Bi-occe vs. Bocce Job
Game 2 @ 1:15 – Team Tony (Danza) vs. Bocce Ya Self
Game 3 @ 2:30 – Loser of Game 1 vs. Loser of Game 2
Game 4 @ 3:45 – Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2

You may notice that this doesn’t match what’s on the bracket and that’s because it was pointed out to me that the first seeded team shouldn’t play the second seeded team in the next round. Oops! We’ll either way we’re going to have some really great match ups tomorrow. If anyone is cruising around downtown stop by for some action.

Someone will be crowned by day’s end but who’s is going to be? Will there be new blood at the podium with Bocce Job or Bocce Ya Self? Will we see Bi-occe finally make their grab at the gold? Or will Danza show us once and for all that they’re truly kings of the sport?

One day left. One true winner.

Final Games Set

Aug 22, 2014

Round 2 and 3 of the quarter finals went off without a hitch. We have the four finalists moving on to the semi final games tomorrow. Congratulations to each team moving on and job we’ll done to all. These games were as close as they could be and win or lose, everyone played really well.

The match ups and times for tomorrow are as follows:

Game 1 at 12pm – Bocce Ya Self vs. Schweddy Balls
Game 2 at 1:15pm – Sandy Balls vs. Bocce Job
Game 3 at 2:30pm – Boccelism vs. Bi-occe
Game 4 at 3:45 – Pass the Bocce vs. Team Tony (Danza)

Each game is slated to run an hour and fifteen minutes. Some may run slightly longer and some shorter but please try to schedule yourself on time. Winner of each game tomorrow will return for the final championship round for two games on Sunday.

Best of luck to all and let me know if you have any questions or problems. See you on the court tomorrow!

Qualification Round

Aug 21, 2014

We’ve successfully completed the qualification round with four teams moving on to the quarter final round which began yesterday. Congratulations to those teams who are moving on!

The first game of the quarter finals matched Bocce Ya Self with bocce-licious and it came down to the rubber match. Both teams did amazing well but it was Bocce ya Self that came away victorious and will move on to play Schweddy Balls in the semi final game on Saturday.

The quarter final round continues tonight and tomorrow with the following match ups: Sandy Balls vs. Mission Imbocceball, Fahgetabocce vs. Boccelism and The Rollins Stones vs. Pass the Bocce to the left Hand Side. Each winning team in these matchups will also move on to the semi final games on Saturday. I’ll keep you posted on the exact times as we get a little closer.

We’re well on our way to a fantastic tournament! Let’s just hope the weather holds up…

Final Rankings and Games

Aug 16, 2014

What a great season of Bocce! So few rainouts and even fewer missed games. Congratulations on a stellar season! We’ve tallied all the scores and now have our final rankings (seen on the front page of the website). With that we’ve also been able to schedule the final games and tournament which can be seen here.

There are two rounds of quarter finals which are slated to be played between Monday and Friday this coming week. The first part of the quarter finals see who move on to play the next group in the quarter finals. The teams who win these games move on to play in the semi-finals on Saturday and the teams that win Saturday move on the the championship round on Sunday. For a more visual friendly explanation, see the final tournament bracket here

Hopefully this week goes without a hitch and let’s all do our anti rain dance because any bit of in climate weather will throw us off schedule. And most importantly I hope that you can all make these games!! I’ll be at the courts every day this week so I’ll keep you posted with updates. See you soon!

This Year It’s All About the Ladies!

Aug 11, 2014

Last regular game of the season is tonight! There are gonna be some really tough match-ups next week.

New for 2014…. lady trophies! And wait, there’s 4 of ‘em! Can you dig it?


Missing Scores (Updated)

Aug 6, 2014

May 28, 2014 Bocce Job – Mission Imbocceball
June 9, 2014 Boccelism – Sandy Balls
June 30, 2014 Bocce Ya Self – Boccelism
July 28, 2014 Mission Imbocceball – Bocce By Golly Wow
July 30, 2014 Bocce Ya Self – Pass The Bocce To The Left Hand Side
August 5, 2014 Schweddy Balls – Castration Station
August 6, 2014 Bocce Job – Chewbocce
August 11, 2014 Boccelism – Pass the Bocce
August 11, 2014 Bocce Ya Self – Bocce-licious

Time Flies..

Aug 4, 2014

I can’t believe that August is already upon us.  With the rest of this week and next Monday as our last regular season games we must look towards the championship tournament which is really right around the corner. The final schedule for these games is posted on the calendar so go check it out! Per usual everyone makes the playoffs, but don’t worry your hard work during the regular season is not for nothing.

Here’s how it’s going to work: 

Just like last year, the top 8 teams will automatically move on to the 2nd and 3rd round of semi-finals, with teams ranked 1-4 having two byes and teams ranked 5-8 having only one bye. This leaves the bottom 8 teams to face off, with the winners of each match moving on to face the teams waiting in both next rounds. This is a single elimination tournament which means if you lose you’re out.

Of course before we get to that I’ll need all the outcomes of your missing games reported as soon as possible. This will determine the final ranks of each team and decides who plays who in the tournament. The latest date for reporting scores is Thursday, August 14th! That’s less than two weeks away!! The good news is that with such great weather this year, there really aren’t that many make up games left to play. Those that need to still be made up should be done in the next two weeks.

The start of the tournament will begin on Monday, August 18 and continue though Friday, August 22 (see schedule).Without having a lot of time this month to finish up there will be little notice of who plays on what day during this week which is why it’s very important to get those scores in. Any scores that are still missing by the 8/14 deadline will become a wash for both teams. The final championship games will occur on Saturday, August 23 and Sunday, August 24. While trying to not schedule games on Labor Day weekend this doesn’t leave any time for rescheduling due to rain, etc. I, personally, will not be available the following weekend either, so if something happens to delay games during this span we’ll have to figure something out. But fear not… it will happen, even if we have to postpone sometime later in September. Let’s just hope for the best.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions going forward. I’m sure that the tournament scheduling will make more sense once we know the final rankings and can fit teams into the bracket. Until then enjoy your last games of the regular season!!

Missing Game Scores

Jul 23, 2014

Hi All -

We’re missing scores for the following games. I know some of you have already rescheduled dates on these,  but let me know the outcome if they’ve been played!

May 19, 2014 You Think You Know, Bocce Have No Idea! – Schweddy Balls
May 28, 2014 Bocce Job – Mission Imbocceball
May 28, 2014 You Think You Know, Bocce Have No Idea! – Sandy Balls
June 9, 2014 Boccelism – Sandy Balls
June 10, 2014 Chewbocce – The Rolling Stones
June 10, 2014 Bi-occe – Bocce-licious
June 24, 2014 Mission Imbocceball – You Think You Know, Bocce Have No Idea!
June 30, 2014 Chewbocce – Pass The Bocce To The Left Hand Side
June 30, 2014 Bocce Ya Self – Boccelism
July 1, 2014 The Rolling Stones – Fahgetabocce
July 8, 2014 Schweddy Balls – The Rolling Stones
July 9, 2014 You Think You Know, Bocce Have No Idea! – Bocce By Golly Wow
July 16, 2014 Mission Imbocceball – The Rolling Stones
July 22, 2014 Bocce Ya Self – Chewbocce

Mind the Rules

Jun 18, 2014

Hi All -

Just a quick reminder that it might be a good idea to hone up on the game rules if it’s been a while since you read them.  Although our games are usually pretty casual it’s still important to keep them in mind so game play if as fair as possible.

One rule that should always be followed, for example, is to make sure no two of the same players should be tossing in consecutive frames, unless otherwise agreed by both teams at the beginning of the game. This rules is put into place to ensure fairness for both teams so that an advantage isn’t given to one or two players that may be more skilled than other teammates. Teammates should only toss on every other frame or should at least alternate in the case of 3 players.

The full list of rules can be found on the website. Let me know if you have any questions!

Bocce Scores

Jun 5, 2014

Hey everyone! Thanks for sending in your bocce scores! Sorry the site is a little out of date at the moment, I’ll try to get scores updated soon! In the meantime enjoy this animated how-to video. It actually has a good tip on figuring out who goes first!


May 14, 2014

Apparently this happened during the first game yesterday…

broken ball

This season is already getting DANGEROUS!

I believe this ball was from the green bag set, so for the time being you’ll have to borrow the set in the wooden box. I’ll try to get another set soon.


Apr 30, 2014

Despite welcoming winter back this last part of April, this season is off to a great start! I believe it’s the first time since 2010 that we’ve been able to complete opening day without a rainout! Of course today’s rain in combination of the freezing cold wind is enough to make anyone stay inside (I’m certainly not sticking around tonight). Well here’s to all you troopers the past couple of days. Look at that dedication…


Oh, and by the way, I’d like to introduce you to our new measuring strings – complete with a handy clip – for all you close call balls. Any bets as to how long it’ll be before they end up missing?